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"Your my friend when I’m in need <3"
"Mgk is sexxxxi assss meesss, I donnt knoow whyy peoplee think Mac Miller is cute, hee is reaaly uglly too mere. Butt onerous persoon I love is Zayn Malik & Jake Miller <3"
"Peeople whoo thinnk theere aall thatt. -______-"

I love how people think they can judge people without even knowing them, They can talk so much stuff but if you ask they say they won’t, Nobody can tell people what to post and not post. People can post anything they won’t and if you don’t like it don’t look at it or just delete them. People think this world is to just judge people but it’s not. I know I have made mistakes and did thing i should have not done, but i can’t take it back. The past is the past but it is not going to stop me for living to the future.!